Elswick Cycles was created in 2008 by me, Robert Elswick (left). In 1999 I started working for  Daytec Center as a welder. During my 9
years at Daytec
I assembled and welded more than 5,000 frames for companies such as Exile Cycles, Big Dog Motorcycles, Titan
Motorcycles, American Iron Horse, Swift Motorcycle Company, Pro One, etc. During
my last two years at Daytec, I also worked part time as
a fabricator/welder for Chassis Design Company and worked part time building offroad race truck parts for North American Offroad. After
years of working for other shops
I decided to finally create a company of my own that would focus on building high quality, affordable parts
for garage builders and small shops.

       My brother Jamie (middle) joined Elswick Cycles in 2009. Jamie's an excellent fabricator and machinist, he can take a raw piece of
tal and figure out how to turn it into just about anything. He's been working on cars and bikes most of his life and genuinely enjoys what
he does here at Elswick Cycles.

       I returned to Daytec to help with R&D, fabrication, machine work, and welding in 2012. Jamie started working at Daytec in early 2013
as a machinist. As of March 2014 Daytec moved out of state so Jamie and I decided to go back to running Elswick Cycles full time. We are
making some changes to the company in hopes of regaining our positive reputation and growing our company. Some of these changes
include reducing the prices of certain parts, making a strong effort to meet delivery deadlines, and working on keeping some of the more
common parts in stock and ready for delivery. We look forward to making a positive impact on the custom motorcycle scene for years to
         Robert Elswick
         March 2014
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