Triumph 650
HardtailT-120, TR6,
T-150 1963-1970
TR1665 $350.00
Harley Hardtails
Triumph Hardtails
Yamaha Hardtails
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Sportster Hardtail
SP1600E $350.00
Ironhead Sportster
Hardtail 1957-1978
SP1600I $475.00
Rubber Mount
Sportster Hardtail
SP1600R $350.00
Shovelhead Hardtail
BT1600 $500.00
Triumph 500 Hardtail
T-100, Speed twin,
TR1650 $350.00
Yamaha XS650/TX650
Gen 2 Drop Seat  
Hardtail 1974-1982
XS1665D2 $375.00
Yamaha XS650/TX650
Hardtail 1974-1985
XS1665 $300.00
Yamaha XS650/TX650
Drop Seat Hardtail
XS1665D $325.00
Yamaha XS650/TX650
Hardtail 1974-1985 For
180/200mm Rear Tire
XS1665W $400.00
XS1/XS1B/XS2/TX650Gen 2 Drop
seat Hardtail 1970-1973
TX1665D2 $375.00
Yamaha XS1/XS1B/XS2/TX650
Hardtail 1970-1973
Yamaha  Drop Seat
Hardtail 1970-1973
TX1665D $326.00
Yamaha XS1/XS1B/XS2/TX650
Hardtail 1970-1973 For
180/200mm Rear Tire
TX1665W $400.00
We offer a large selection of bolt on and weld on hardtails for Sportster's, Triumph's, and Yamaha
XS650"s. We can install most weld on hardtails for $150.00 plus shipping cost. We are also capable of
building a custom hardtail to your frame if a hardtail is not available for it. Please contact us for more info.